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Hello friends!

…and Welcome to the Creator Soul Journal, a collaborative space designed to create a soft place to land and key insights we’ve gathered, after our ‘red-pill moment(s)’.

If you’re not familiar with the Red Pill, it’s from the movie The Matrix and it has come to define the tipping and turning point moments where we learn that some part of our world, isn’t what we believed.

Those moments are generally life-changing. From divorces to deaths, to health scares to the loss of wealth, to relationships that just didn’t work out or careers/businesses that are requiring a whole lot these days to make it work, and of course, the ever-evolving journey we are one defining and redefining what it means to us, to be “spiritual beings having human experiences”.

• • •

What can you expect?

  1. This is a 100% ‘reader-supported’ space.

    • That means ZERO advertising.
    • Our costs are covered by paid subscriptions.
    • We invite our contributors to share ways you can engage with more of what they do, follow them directly or mention upcoming relevant opportunities.
    • But, we take zero money to simply put ads in front of you and we never will.

  2. We email all subscribers once a week, on Thursdays.
    • We post a little more frequently than that, but we believe on both fronts - less is more.
    • Content ranges from health to homesteading, wealth mindsets to impact investing, relationships, career/business, spirituality and whatever else we find resonates with our Creator Souls
    • The CORE THEME, topics that create the experience more in every single aspect of a Life 360.

  3. There are TWO tiers of content.
    • Right now, 80% of our posts are available for ONE (1) month free, for subscribers and lookie-lou’s.
    • Free subscribers have access to the archive for THREE (3) months and paid subscribers get it all for the duration of their subscription.
    • 20% of our content is only ever going to be available to paid subscribers. Why? We know what it’s like to be pushed down a ‘rabbit hole’ that we weren’t really ready for. Therefore, we made the decision to honour that not every post is intended for every person, where they are on their journey.

    We’re not creating a two-tier society here, we are respecting that some of our content might be more than what you need right now, to connect with your Creator Soul.

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