Apr 21, 2020 • 32M

PODCAST • Becoming Coherent with Summer Bozohora | Paradigms Shifts: Body, Mind Soul Healing

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Light on Marketing...more on rediscovering our Creator Soul inside the work/career/business and across a Life 360º.
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I loved this conversation! I know I say that about all of them! Today I am talking evolutions, relationships and paradigm shifts with Summer Bozohora. She is my tribe, as most people who show up here for a conversation or ‘duet’ with me are. She is singing from the same song sheet as I am and we are in perfect harmony. As I focus on supporting Solopreneurs reshape their relationship with the business and beyond; Summer focuses her gifts and talents on healing body, mind and spirit. Connect with Summer to learn more about her work and how she can support you find a greater degree of healing across the ‘energy field of your life’ and be sure to check out Soul Side Out — Summer’s Book, which is available on her website or at Amazon. Whole Body-Mind-Soul Healing https://www.body-mind- ••• Learn more about a lighter approach Marketing: www.lightonmarketing.ca Connect with more as a coherent, conscious consumer: https://lightonmarketing.substack.com