Oct 31, 2021 • 13M

PODCAST • Superstitions & Sufficient Structure

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Light on Marketing...more on rediscovering our Creator Soul inside the work/career/business and across a Life 360º.
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Marketing iS FULL of superstitions - beliefs and practices that feel almost supernatural, fated or like some kind of spooky magic (a term coined by Albert Einstein) and those superstitions create a quiet sense that Marketing is something to be feared. How do we overcome the fear and the unpredictability of 'spooky magic'? With a sufficient structure that creates stability. ___ Mentioned in this episode: Partner Promotions: VEA Office Professionals https://veapros.com/understand-your-numbers/ Explore more Light on Marketing for solo & micro business owners: www.lightonmarketing.ca Reclaim your mind-space as coherent, conscious consumers: https://lightonmarketing.substack.com