#42 Big Magic • Marketing Beyond Fear

Listen now (26 min) | As I researched and wrote this episode it turned into something with a cross-functional purpose... 1 - Making us more coherent, conscious consumers and... 2 - Making Marketing a more meaningful part of our business. Three keys from Elizabeth Gilbert's "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear" was a turning point for me personally and professionally, it is infused into every aspect of the work I do in bringing people out of a dark, heavy and rather icky experience with Marketing...into something lighter. In this episode: Learn more about NLP and how it helps you process grief and trauma with Adele Anderson WWW.LIFECOACHADELE.COM Explore more Light on Marketing for solo & micro business owners: www.lightonmarketing.ca Reclaim your mind-space as coherent, conscious consumers: https://lightonmarketing.substack.com

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