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#43 Infinite Game as Infinite Players

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Light on Marketing...more on rediscovering our Creator Soul inside the work/career/business and across a Life 360º.
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It’s a whole new year! Which means, a new outlook and possibly … a whole new ‘game’! I’m blending some quantum stuff with some game-theory stuff to reframe, recalibrate, realign and RESTORE the Marketing, the Media, the Message(s), so you can connect with more.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to make sense of the role, purpose and value of Marketing OR a conscious consumer looking to reclaim control over your mind, the Endgame is the same…getting a grip on what’s important, relevant and significant, for you.

In this episode:

Learn more about Christine Monaghan, Founder of the RESET Collect and the Stress is Optional business philosophy. Mention this podcast when you schedule your Brand Innovation Solutions call and it’s complimentary! https://christinemonaghan.com/call/

Explore more Light on Marketing for solo & micro business owners: www.lightonmarketing.ca Reclaim your mind-space as coherent, conscious consumers: https://lightonmarketing.substack.com

That’s what we do here. We reframe the whole notion of what it means to be a change-maker, game-changer and agent of change!

The Creator Soul Journal is a collection of Contributors casting a vision, expanding our own thinking to amplify our journey, and sharing pieces with others along the way.  You’ll find souls who are creating more in their health, wealth, meaning and love; through their relationships, businesses, communities, science and spirituality and more.


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