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Do you ever find something that just completely sums up your soul purpose?


This was it for me.

10 years, 16,000 hours and a million red-pills and rabbit holes equal, a WHOLE lot of f-cking around, to find out that that are ways to ‘bend time’ on this ‘finding out’ journey.

Ten years ago, I semi-consciously, semi-retired from the ‘game’.

I began to invest more of my time, energy and money in f-cking around, in order to find out what I needed to change the game I was playing…to make changes one degree at a time and to put that into action.

That’s what I mean when I describe change-makers, game-changers and agents of change in my bio.


My career shifted.

My health shifted.

My money reality shifted.

My relationships shifted.

And, my connection to Source/Spirit shifted.

Some of those shifts were ‘great’ where others, well, they took some time becoming great.


And I continue to SHIFT. Just as you continue to shift.

Creating fast-tracks and time-benders that bridge the gaps from ‘here’ to the Age of Aquarius, has kind of become my thing.

If you are in that f*cking around stage and really want to find out more with less, check out guides & gateways that can help you get ‘there’, faster.

Creator Soul Journal is a collection of core contributors who share ‘intel’, insight and integral practices we’ve found through our journey, to support others shift into the Age of Aquarius.

Speaking of the Age of Aquarius, there is so much that will shift! Like, the ways we exchange value! 

CSJ is a reader-supported space with three pathways to share, subscribe and support the exchange between us and our community, reflecting the value you received from today’s contribution.

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