Dec 2, 2022 • 46M

Podcast • Keepers of Culture w/Lisa Wilson

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Leadership. In my humble opinion, we are ALL leaders in some way, shape or form.

As parents, business owners, community builders, creators, each on of us are CEOs — chief envisioning officers; for our kids, our work and for the change we want to bring into our corner of the world! (No pressure…LOL)

Without a doubt, there are times when that role feels overwhelming and there are times when we have to re-evaluate what creating and keeping the culture strong means, inside a business and beyond!

Tune in for a beautifully divergent conversation with Lisa Wilson!


About My Guest!

Lisa Wilson is a Leadership Vision Coach, Human Resources Cultural Consultant and Mediator. Her passion is teaching small and medium business leaders to effectively lead their teams by creating exceptional workplace cultures. Witnessing the impact of both poor and great leadership she now devotes herself to coaching leaders so their teams can experience the excellence they deserve. 

Lisa believes that leadership is not only about the people around you. It’s about leading yourself in a way that allows you to show up for your team as the best version of yourself. 

Her signature program "Leading With Ease", an 8 week online program that provides a mix of both teaching and coaching, provides a foundation for leaders. Once the foundation is solid, decisions become easier, as does delegation, allowing space for the leader to look at the big picture and creating an environment where the team feels valued. The course runs three times per year. 

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, is a Certified Human Resources Leader, a Certified DiSC and True Colors Facilitator, and holds a certificate in Advanced Dispute Resolution (Mediation). Most recently she finished all the requirements to be a Distinguished Toastmaster. 

She also holds the titles Step-Mom to two teens and Mom to her dog Sandy.

With 20 years of experience and training, she is set up to fast track you to become the leader you want to be. Lisa knows that great leaders can take their teams to amazing heights and she invites you to find out how." 


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