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Know Thyself... w/Sandra Bargman

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Light on Marketing...more on rediscovering our Creator Soul inside the work/career/business and across a Life 360º.
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Welcome to the Light on Marketing Podcast!

Is there a more meaningful statement I could possibly make as it relates to Marketing, than ‘know thyself’?

Probably not. Because, as always, it’s not really about the Marketing.

It’s about knowing ourself and our multi-dimensional soul’s purpose…oh, right and finding OUR way to bring more of that into our corner of the world (which, for some, might mean Marketing)!

Uhhh…that’s sounds kinda deep. Well, what else would you expect from a conversation with someone who is a ‘walking Venn diagram’?

…My Guest!

Sandra Bargman has been described as a walking Venn Diagram. She is a 35+ year professional actor, singer, voice artist, (AEA/SAG/AFTRA, Broadway National, Off-B-way, Regional), a seminary trained and ordained Inter-spiritual minister, award winning ritual designer and spiritual counselor, and a presentation leadership coach - the overlapping heart center of these concurrent paths being the ancient Greek maxim “Know Thyself”.

In 2017, she trained with Al Gore to become a Climate Reality Leader. She is a contributing author in the #1 book, On the Shoulders of Mighty Women by Lesley Michaels. Her solo show, The Edge of Everyday, garnered a Broadway World award nomination. The live CD recording can be found on Amazon and CD Baby.

She hosts the weekly, live podcast, The Edge of Everyday, on TalkRadio.NYC.

You can find more about Sandra at


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