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Podcast • Integration w/Sam Liebowitz

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I shared my personal belief in a previous podcast that we are shifting into a new age, the so-called, Age of Aquarius.

As it goes, the Divine Universe gifted me with multiple reinforcing pieces that helped me feel even more confident that MY way forward is to bridge some of the gaps between where we are and what this new age is bringing forward!

I have been sensing these age-changing SHIFTS since 2017 and I’ve been making shifts since 2012 and in my experience, integration has been key!

It’s been really important for me to integrate the vast amounts of information I’ve taken in over the last 15 years and embody the core elements, which have specific meaning, purpose and alignment to my own, unique Soul-Style. 

Integrating new levels of awareness, the meaning and the higher purpose of this ‘new age’, for both myself and the collective. I felt very strongly that this conversation that Sam and I had, was an important first step toward more integration. 

Tune into more on integration with Sam Liebowitz and I!

About My Guest!

Sam Liebowitz, known as The Conscious Consultant, is a facilitator, mentor, speaker, healer, serial entrepreneur, host of the top rated radio show, The Conscious Consultant Hour, and is a two time best-selling author, and author of the #1 empowerment book, Everyday Awakening. He has been in business since 1993 and has owned several successful businesses. His current ventures include Talking Alternative Broadcasting, and Double Diamond Wellness in Manhattan. Sam has lectured in several venues in New York City, including being a featured speaker at TEDxUpperWestSide in 2016.


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