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PODCAST • Three 'Ms' are Creating Mayhem in our Minds.

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Light on Marketing...more on rediscovering our Creator Soul inside the work/career/business and across a Life 360º.
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Welcome to the Light on Marketing podcast!

I’m going in a totally different direction in this segment and breaking down how I see the Marketing, the Media and the Message (the Three Ms) creating absolute mayhem in our minds, and it’s been something I’ve been seeing for a while now.

I’ve been seeing it and speaking/writing about it for close to five years in one way or another; and for nine months last year, I essentially took the gloves off and pointed to evidence that we are in the middle of the best and worst Marketing campaign in human history.

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The Forbes Article •

Soul 2 Soul Conversations •


“If one person calls you a horse’s ass, let it go;

If two people call you a horse’s ass, look in the mirror;

If three people call you a horse’s ass, buy a saddle.”

It’s not just me, and it’s not just two or three other people…it’s thousands.

Here are nine evidence-based posts from divergent perspectives and sources, I shared last year •

Here’s how I knew it wasn’t about our health

Oh! The web they’ve weaved!

When you’re ready, you will see.

Tucker Carlson on Censorship

Real, UN-Real

Were they wrong or did they lie?

Facebook is META to me now

Twas the Night Before Black Friday

You know what rhymes with Omicron?

That’s what we do here. We get radically honest about why it’s so hard to see through the illusion being manufactured by the Three Ms and we take the time needed to break it down in order to elevate awareness and create more conscious, empowered Creator Souls.

CSJ is a collection of content contributors who cast a vision for what happens when we expand our thinking to amplify our soul journey. You’ll find individuals creating more in their health, wealth, meaning and love; through their relationships, businesses, communities, science and spirituality and more.


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